Academically unspectacular and regrettably unspectacular at cricket, this shy and timid youngster was to develop into a decent footballer in his teenage years. As an adult, he had a tedious tendency to compile stuff about Ebenezer Elliott, the Corn Law Rhymer and Poet of the Poor.

             Keith Morris was born in Worksop, Notts (UK) & attended Lincoln St School and Crown St School (later called Redlands). This was followed by a spell at Retford Grammar School, where he was called either Teak Morris or simply TK after his initials. Some silly individuals thought that Teacake Morris was a better name. Can’t think why!

            In his teenage years, our hero played for the formidable Queensway football club where his pals dubbed him by the name Prof. That was because he wore glasses and looked intelligent. (Fooled them all then, dint I!)

Keith was sentenced to 31 years hard labour pretending to be a professional librarian with Sheffield City Libraries. He was a star player for their football team (you don't have to believe everything you read here!) The team played in the Sheffield Sunday League Division 4, finishing bottom every year. Though, once, the team actually beat the league leaders - thanks to two goals from Keith! However, he spent most of his working life drinking coffee and slipping off to the pub! (Still likes a cup of coffee - seldom visits the pub though - it's a hard life, innit?)  Surprisingly, our hero(?) has a degree and a professional qualification.

          Keith married a Welsh lass called Judith Davies from Cilcennin in mid Wales. Judith, who speaks Welsh, attended Aberaeron School and although she has a degree, she proudly boasts that she has never read any of her husband books! Ach-y-fi!

          Keith used to live in Sheffield and in Rotherham, but now resides in sunny Wales  (bwrw glaw, yfori!). When Keith first lived in Sheffield, he used to watch both Sheffield football teams but soon he became a keen supporter of Sheffield Wednesday. He remains so today. Up The Owls!

         As well as writing the books I Were A Worksop Lad,  Wassop Worksop and Worksop Re-Visited, Keith was consultant editor of Pawnshop On Monday (Hallamshire Press, Sheffield 1994)

         In 2002 (with help from Ray Hearne) Keith wrote
Ebenezer Elliott: Corn Law Rhymer & Poet of the Poor and in 2005, he published People, Poems & Politics of Ebenezer Elliott, Corn Law Rhymer. A self-published, limited edition - signed & numbered. Now a collector’s item. Or so he says.

         In kindness to those of a nervous disposition, it was decided not to include a photograph of the compiler of these pages!