This site, which started in April 1999, contains a great deal of general information on the Blatherwick family. In addition, you can view masses of fascinating family history research, including a Blatherwick coat of arms & pictures of Blatherwycke Hall. The site also describes some famous Blatherwicks & the search for John & Kenneth Blatherwick.

General Family Information . 

Family history research .. Family coat of arms .... Blatherwycke Hall 

Famous Blatherwicks .... The search for John & Ken Blatherwick

General family information

This curious surname is an old Nottinghamshire (UK) name; it is still localised even today after 600 years (or more) of use as a surname. (Nottinghamshire is a county in the middle of England). The name is so rare that neither of the standard reference books of surnames include the name Blatherwick. Both Reaney's "Dictionary of Surnames" and the "Oxford Dictionary of Surnames" disregard this quaint Nottinghamshire name.

The first reference to the name in official documents occurs in 1314 where a manuscript (FF.VII.278) mentions SIMON DE BLATHERWICK who was the Rector of Barton in Norfolk. CHRISTABELL BLATHERWICK is recorded back in 1583. Christabell was from Lambley (Notts) & on 6th October 1583 she married one William Spibie at Lambley. Another early mention of the surname is in a Harleian manuscript which includes a list of freeholders in Nottinghamshire in 1698. One of the listed names is:- JOSEPH BLATHERWICK OF LAMLEY. The place name, Lambley (note the different spelling), is a village 8 kilometers north east of Nottingham.
It is considered that the surname actually originates from over the border in the county of Northamptonshire where there was a parish called Blatherwick or more accurately Blatherwycke.(Like many a surname, the derivation comes from a place name). In the Domesday Survey of 1086, we read that Robert De Buci had lands in "Stoch Hundret" [Hundred of Stoke]. Thus: "Norman holds of Robert [De Buci] 2 hides in Blarewich [= Blatherwick]. There is land for 6 ploughs. Hugh and William hold of him. In demesne there are 2 ploughs; and 12 villeins and 5 bordars have 4 ploughs. There is a mill rendering 30 pence, and 6 acres of meadow. Wood[land] 1 league in length and 3 furlongs in breadth. It is worth 18 shillings."
NB a "hide" was a unit for assessing tax; a "plough" was a measure of how much land could be ploughed by a team of 8 oxen, while the "demesne" was the land retained by the lord of the manor ( the rest was held under the lord by the peasants).
In a 12th century survey detailed in a Cottonian manuscript we see the following for the Hundred of Coreby: "In Blatherwyk Robert Fitz Hugh and Richard Dengayne 2 hides."
The Parish of Blatherwycke is first mentioned in the English parish registers in 1621 & is described as being 10 kilometers north east of Rockingham. Today there is a village in Northamptonshire called Blatherwycke about 7 kilometers north east of Corby. (The village was called Blarewich in the Domesday Book of 1086). There is also a Lake Blatherwycke. Blatherwycke & its lake are just off the A43 road.  

Blatherwycke Hall

Blatherwycke Hall - some details & pictures 

This splendid Georgian house was built in Northamptonshire during 1720-24, at a total cost of 3,838 pounds two shillings and sixpence. The house was built for Henry O'Brien by Robert Wright of Castor near Peterborough. The design was by Thomas Ripley who had posts in the King's Works & who designed several notable houses. During the Second World War, the building was used by the military & was badly damaged by them. It was subsequently put up for auction & was demolished in 1948 for the building materials to be re-used.

                An early drawing of the hall with 2 wings. 

    A later view 

Another view showing a hunt is from Kate Blatherwick

Another view from Michael Day

According to Tony Walsh, Blatherwycke Hall was in the village of Blatherwyke in east Northamptonshire, and the only remnant of the hall today is the stable block. On the rear of the stable block is a coat of arms (arm with sword) with the inscription D.O.B underneath.

Research by Marcus Botterill reveals that D.O.B. were the initials of Donagh O'Brien, an early owner of the hall. 

Blatherwycke Hall Estate

The plan shown below gives the estate as it was in 1847. In order to examine the plan in detail, it would be best to re-size the map. Try multiplying the image by 4. The plan has been kindly supplied by Niall Rudd.

1847 estate plan

Blatherwycke Hall is seen just above the islands in the lake; there are several islands in the lake which was formed from a small river. As well as the islands, a boat house can be seen. In front of the hall are gardens with a large fountain. Nearby is the village church. The hall is situated in a deer park which includes a statue, a summer house and a race course. All told, the owners were clearly far wealthier than me and you!

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The Search For John & Kenneth Blatherwick

This search for John & Ken Blatherick is now over

Norman Blatherwick was born, one of 4 children, on 3rd February 1931 at Perlethorpe-cum-Budby in North Nottinghamshire (UK), before moving to Worksop & then Blidworth (again both in Nottinghamshire). Norman now lives in Australia & wanted to track down his missing brothers & his sister, all last seen in a childrens home in Worksop around 1946. Details of the brothers are given below, together with details of the sister. All are deceased.

The youngest brother was called John Alan Blatherwick . John Alan was born 27th Nov 1936. at Kilton Hospital, Worksop. John, with his two brothers & his sister, was soon placed in the Children's Home on Cheapside in Worksop, but was subsequently adopted & took a different surname, namely Hird. John Hird lived all his life in Worksop & died there in 1990. The sister was called Frances Helen Blatherwick and she was born Feb 1934. She died before she was 2 years old. The eldest brother was Kenneth Algernon Blatherwick (1929 - 1984). After a long & painful search by Ann & Eddie Blatherwick, much information has been discovered about John Hird and about Kenneth Algernon Blatherwick & his family.

By the way, research so far has not revealed anybody else called Norman Blatherwick

Is Aussie Norman the only person in the world called Norman Blatherwick?

Sure looks like it!

Another man actually called Norman Blatherwick
has now been tracked down
- this time in the United States!

Both Norman Blatherwicks had resided in Blidworth,
a tiny hamlet in Nottinghamshire (UK),
so they just had to be related!

Unfortunately, this Norman is no longer with us:-
Norman Blatherwick - b. Blidworth 1906, d. Florida 1988.

Yet another Norman Blatherwick has been tracked down, athough this guy was actually Norman Henry Blatherwick (1912-1972). He was a surgeon in Los Angeles.

 A fourth Norman Blatherwick has surfaced. Lewis Norman Blatherwick was born Bolsover 1911, trained as a chemist but worked in Clowne for 45 years as an optician!  His sons are Paul David Blatherwick & Alan John Blatherwick. (The latter's name is curiously similar to John Alan Blatherwick, the subject of the original search above & the reason for this site coming into existence. Alan John Blatherwick lives in Oz).

What is it about this Blatherwick breed which drives them to populate distant realms?

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More about the Blatherwick name ...
While the striking name of Blatherwick has spread to Canada, United States, South Africa & Australia, it has not travelled so well in England. The whole of the London Telephone Directory contains merely one Blatherwick. The 1901 Census listed 121 people called Blatherwick in the whole of Nottinghamshire. The following table has been kindly supplied by David Blatherwick - a Nottingham lad. The table shows the distribution of Blatherwicks in England in 2002, & demonstrates how few of the family have migrated far from the Blatherwick homelands!

Hereford & Worcs.1Cambridgeshire4Merseyside6
Avon1Cheshire4West Midlands8

Famous Blatherwicks :

Some famous Blatherwicks are detailed below

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The Blatherwick Memorial

The South African Memorial

Michael Clift heard of this memorial many years ago when he was in the British South Africa Police . Michael said the memorial was in a BSAP depot in Salisbury.

Research by Julie Brutnell shows a war grave in South Africa for Captain James Blatherwick, British South African Police, who died on 26th Oct 1918. Geraint Jones, an ex-member of the British South Africa Police, has now confirmed that the Blatherwick Memorial was for Captain James Blatherwick; the memorial is in Green Square, Morris Training Depot in Salisbury.

Andrew D. Field, who runs the British South Africa Police website at , comments that the memorial was erected in 1921; it honoured Captain Blatherwick as the first ever Regimental Sergeant Major in the history of the BSAP. Andrew points that the good captain may have died on 26th November and not October 26th; he also suspects that the memorial may have been removed.

Captain Blatherwick was born in Cape Town on 2nd January 1869 & joined the BSAP aged 27 in 1896 as a Troop Sergeant. RSM 1897. Inspector 1913. Commissioned in 1917 & became Depot Commandant before he died in 1918. Served for 22 years with BSAP. A BSAP memorial is to be placed at the National Memorial Arboretum (near Lichfield, UK) where there are already about 150 memorials of national significance. The new memorial for the BSAP will be a smaller version of the Blatherwick Memorial & will be sculpted by Winston Hart.

Blatherwick family history research

Contents list

Family History Research - some sources

Area of research interest Approx dates covered Name of the researcher
Blatherwick, Charles died 1895
John Jeff
Blatherwick, Lily 1853 - 1934
John Jeff
 Blatherwick One-name survey
All dates (Notts only)
Mark Grace
Blatherwicks in Canada
1872 -
John Blatherwick
Blatherwicks in the USA
1859 -
John Merchant
** Burton Joyce, Gedling 1789 - 1842
Margaret Tadman
** Burton Joyce, Colwick
1749 - 1851
Diane Lewis
** Carlton, Awsworth, Ilkeston
1824 - 1890
Anielka Briggs
** Exeter
circa 1800
John Blatherwick
** Orston
1760 -
Diane Lewis
** Oxton
1835 - 1920
Ann Sheppard
** Sheffield circa 1800 - 1878
Kate E. Blatherwick
The Blatherwick Report
(Notts, Hampshire, Ontario)
55 Blatherwicks
from 1711 - 1879   
Brenda Cox      

** Blatherwicks born in these places or parishes

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Blatherwick marriages & baptisms at the parishes of Burton Joyce, Gedling etc 1789 - 1842 have been researched at great length by Margaret Tadman & her detailed findings are available on this site. There is also a partial family tree, as well. To view these extensive pages of research (although in a slightly condensed format), please click on Margaret Tadman research

Dr Charles Blatherwick & Lily Blatherwick (see above) John Jeff is seeking further information on Dr Charles Blatherwick & his parents. John is descended from Charles through Edith Blatherwick who was the elder sister of Lily Blatherwick. Edith was to marry William Raikes in 1879, while her more famous sister, Lily, married A. S. Hartrick (OBE), the eminent artist (exhibited 29 times at the RA) & author of several art reference books. He was a friend of Gaugin.

John Jeff writes "The Blatherwick family spent the summer months of 1871 at Kilmahonaig, Crinan, Argyllshire (now Kilmahumaig), having journeyed up from Row (now Rhu) in Dunbartonshire by steamer. They kept a large illustrated diary of their stay, the Kilmahonaig Journal (in our bookshelves), listing their visitors, what they saw or shot for the pot, and anything of interest, together with pages of poetry or doggerel."
Regarding Dr Charles Blatherwick, he comments: "Edith Blatherwick's father was Dr Charles Blatherwick, who studied for his MD in Dublin but, as far as I can discover, never actually practised medicine, as his occupation was 'Gentleman'. A watercolour and landscape painter, he was Treasurer of the Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour (RSW), whose members seemed to enjoy sumptuous Dinners, and President of the Glasgow Pen & Ink Club. He only had 3 exhibits in the Royal Academy, a few of his watercolours adorn our walls, and there is also the beautifully illustrated-in-minature diary of his journey from Liverpool to Pau in SW France in 1880, in our bookshelves. He also wrote popular songs of the time, what would now be regarded as sentimental old rubbish, and there are a couple of examples amongst my sheet music. They all lived at a house called Dunaivon, Rhu, Helensburgh."

If you can help John Jeff with more info on Charles Blatherwick & his ancestors, please email
John Jeff now.

William Blatherwick (b 1824 at
Carlton , Notts) married Maria/Anna Johnson (b 1832/3 in Bottesford, Leicester). William & his wife had 8 children, namely Hannah/Anna (b 1853), Rebecca (b 1855), William (b approx Nov 1860), Mary (b 1863), Eliza (b 1865), Emma (b Sept 1869), James and Samuel (b 20 March 1857). Samuel married Margaret Varley*.
Some of Samuel & Margaret's children were: Samuel (born out of wedlock 1884), Elizabeth (born about 1886), John (born about 1886), James (b 1890), Harry (b 1894), Ernest (b 1899), Albert Ernest (b 1902), Lillian (date?) & Naomi Doris (b 1905) - known as "Big" Doris! (There was a twin to "Big" Doris). Samuel & Margaret Blatherwick also took in children of relatives, for example Herbert Blatherwick whose mother was the Emma Blatherwick of the last paragraph. The first few children were born in Awsworth, Nottinghamshire. Awsworth is a village 7 kms west of Nottingham & just south of Eastwood. The other children were born at Ilkeston in Derbyshire. James Blatherwick (born 1890) married Eliza Savage & they had 3 children: Harry, Doris Hilda & one other daughter.
The Ilkeston Advertiser featured James & Eliza Blatherwick in 1961: "A man, who started work at Cossall Colliery when he was 13 & earned 18d a day (less than 8p), and his wife celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary this weekend. They are Mr & Mrs James Blatherwick of 3 Little Hallam Lane, Ilkeston. Throughout his long career, Mr Blatherwick has worked as a collier, greengrocer, fishmonger, barman & finally fish-fryer. A native of Ilkeston, he was born on Awsworth Road & went to Chaucer School. He is a member of a family of 21, six of whom are still living."
So far 13 of this amazingly large family of 21 are accounted for, but somewhere are another 8 siblings or cousins/relatives brought up in this family. Do you know any Blatherwick who might be part of this family?
This research carried out by Anielka Briggs (nee Rice) living in Australia who is the granddaughter of Doris Hilda Blatherwick. Anielka is also knowledgeable about the Varley side of the family.
More information is sought about the children of Samuel Blatherwick & their descendants. Anielka would like to hear from other researchers too. To contact her
please click here

* Margaret Varley's sister Lydia went to the States & became a Mormon. Margaret's Aunt Fanny (a Widdowson) also went to live in the S tates. Interesting family!

Elizabeth Blatherwick of Oxton (1835-1920). Elizabeth was christened at Oxton (Notts) on 26th April 1835. Her parents were Samuel Blatherwick (labourer) and Ann Blatherwick. When Elizabeth was 5 months pregnant, she married George Walker at Nuthall (Notts) on 13.3.1854. Elizabeth was able to sign her name on the marriage certificate, but George had to sign X. George (b 1835 approx) is said to have had a small farm at Greaves Lane, a hamlet near Edingley & Halam.

The couple went on to have 10 children before George died in 1881 at Oxton. The 10 children were Thomas (b 1854), William (b 1856), Mary (b 1859), Joseph (b 1861), Hannah (b 1863), George (b 1866), Lucy (b 1868), John (b 1871), Lizzie (b 1873), Ellen (b 1876). The first 8 children were born at Oxton.

Elizabeth died at Halam in 1920 aged 85. She outlived her husband by 39 years.

In Oxton churchyard there are Walker family graves & also some impressive Blatherwick graves. These are situated behind the yew trees to the right of the church when seen from the road.
The graves date from 1736 onwards. In the church is a flag with a brass plate saying 'This state flag of Pennsylvania (USA) was given by the Governor (The Hon. J. S. Fine) to Oxton Church in 1951 to commemorate those sons of Oxton who in the 17th Century assisted William Penn in the founding of the famous colony'. Oxton Church registers commence in 1652. 

This information is supplied by Patricia Anne Sheppard (nee Walker) who is descended from Elizabeth Blatherwick & George Walker. More information is sought on both families. To contact Anne Sheppard.   


Blatherwicks In
Texas , USA.
John Merchant provides detail of his great grandfather & his grandfather who were itinerant cowboy boot makers living & working across Texas & California. Raymond Blatherwick born circa 1859 in Robertson County, Texas. Itinerant cowboy bootmaker who was described as "a prominent local bootmaker."  Married Della [Wren] who was said to be descended from Sir Christopher Wren. At onetime, this Raymond Blatherwick was working at the town of Bryan, Texas, when he was asked to make boots for the band of the Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College at College Station Texas. Subsequently he was asked to move in order to work as bootmaker for the college. Today, students from the college tradionally wear high, leather boots as originally made by Raymond Blatherwick.
Raymond Blatherwick born 1st April 1888 at Bryan, Texas (son of above Raymond). Also a cowboy bootmaker. (His sister is Mary Blatherwick). There were 2 children:- Raymond Blatherwick & Alma Ione Blatherwick. Raymond Blatherwick & his sister Mary were rodeo stars (see below). Alma Ione Blatherwick born 1905 in Dalhart, Texas. She was to marry John H. Merchant, a trial lawyer living in Amarillo, Texas.
John Merchant, son of John H. Merchant, writes "My uncle, Raymond Blatherwick, and his sister, Mary Blatherwick, were rodeo stars in their younger days & did riding/roping and were tremendous athletes. They ended their rodeo careers in one of the last of the vaudeville touring shows: Ken Murray's Blackouts of 1948, 1949 etc which I remember seeing as a kid."
To contact John Merchant , please click here.

Blatherwicks from Nottingham end up in Los Angeles.
Donna Blatherwick has traced many family members to Inglewood Cemetery in Los Angeles. James Blatherwick born in Nottingham who married Mary Wheatley. No dates available so far.
James Blatherwick, son of above, born Nottingham 1809, lacemaker by trade. Emigrated to USA in 1824. Married Cynthia Matilda Carswell (died 1865) & had 12 Blatherwick children! Namely Ann Elizabeth (b 1833), James Nelson (b 1836), Edwin Gordon (b 1838), Charles William (b 1841)), Norman Ralph (b 1844), Alica Adelia (b 1847), George R. (b 1849), twins James and Jane Amelia (b 1852), Frank Adelbert (b 1854), Rubie Ella (b 1858). The fourth child of the union was John Henry born Ohio in 1840. John Henry had two marriages: Ardelia Houghton & Nettie McArthur (a distant relative of General McArthur). John Henry's son was George Washington Blatherwick (b 1878) who married Zay Amelia Bernham.
Donna Blatherwick has more information if you wish to contact her.

More Blatherwicks from Nottinghamshire in the USA. Victoria Blatherwick has researched families who moved from Nottinghamshire to the USA. Victoria has family trees for families in Ohio,  New Jersey and Texas. Plus she has details of the burial places of many Blatherwicks in the USA. Contact Victoria here.

A useful introduction to the history of the Blatherwick family has been put together at a website run by
Mark Grace . To check out Mark's site called the Blatherwick Families of Nottinghamshire: A Local One -name Survey , please tickle your mouse now!

Blatherwicks More information is sought about this family who lived in Sheffield.

John Blatherwick, lace merchant, may have lived Sheffield (?)
John Blatherwick (son of above), born 1827. Commission Agent & wholesale fruit merchant in Sheffield in 1862. Regarded as a very successful business man, he was also known to be a sugar importer & grocer. At time of wedding living on Occupation Road, Sheffield. Married 28 May 1857 at Christ Church, Doncaster, to Maria [Woodcock]. John's business address in 1862 was 5 Bank Buildings in Sheffield & his home address was then 217 Western Bank. In 1864 he is recorded as living on Broomhill Terrace. In 1878 the couple are living at 25 Broom Grove, Sheffield, but later moved to Tyas Hall near Barnsley.

coat of arms was adopted by the family (but see below for more about this).

A Blatherwick coat of arms?

Under the crest there is a motto which says "Defensio non offensio ."
The coat of arms is described thus:-  "He beareth Chequy argent and azure, a Chief Gules by the name of Blatherwicke, crest, an arm embowed in armour, holding a Sword ppr. - Granted Council of Trent A.D. 1564."
Chequey - a shield with a chequered surface; argent - usually shown as white since silver would tarnish; azure - blue; a Chief Gules - Gules was the colour red, while Chief was a geometrical design on the top part of the shield. Embowed - the arm was bent; ppr - proper (in its natural colours).

Jane Leaper of Alberta, Canada, points out that the Council of Trent cannot have granted the Blatherwick coat of arms.  The Council was actually held in Trentino Italy (Trent is the English name for Trentino) and the Council  was held to resolve problems in the Roman Catholic church.  It did not grant arms, and would have had no power to grant arms to an English family anyway.  So, I rather think the Sheffield Blatherwicks were the victims of a Victorian con-man; something which is interesting in itself.  (Jane is descended from Ann Blatherwick, born Carlton, Nottingham, in 1790).

John & Maria Blatherwick had 7 children:-
Harold Nelson Blatherwick (eldest son of above) married at St Marks Church, Sheffield, to Marion Searles. One child - Ronald Blatherwick
John Bertram Blatherwick (youngest son of John & Maria above) borm 19 May 1878. -
This information supplied by Kate E. Blatherwick who is descended from John Bertram Blatherwick (there is a Kent connection). Kate welcomes further information. HELP! However, her email address has changed - anybody have a working email for her? Audrey Buxton has some info on the Sheffield family of John & Maria Blatherwick & would like to pass it on to Kate Blatherwick.

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, Nottinghamshire A Canadian enthusiast called Diane Lewis is descended from the Blatherwicks & Craggs of Orston Notts. Her family tree is summarised below. (Note that c means christened)

Thomas Cragg c 9 Nov 1722
Orston, Notts
married 19 Nov 1750
Flawboro', Notts
Mary Slater, c 15 Sep 1722
William Cragg* (son of Thomas)
c 7 Jan 1763, Orston
married 9 Sep 1784, OrstonDorothy Blatherwick* c 18 April 1760
John Cragg (son of William)
Orston, frame work knitter #
married 14 Aug 1810Ann Blatherwick, Burton Joyce #
Samson Cragg #
frame work knitter
* These had 11 children including John
# In the 1851 Census all 3 are listed as living at No. 13 Orston Diane Lewis would be pleased to hear from other researchers. To email her please click here.
Other Blatherwick information from Diane Lewis refers to Colwick & Burton Joyce: -
William Blatherwick married Tabitha Ward on 9 Feb 1724 at Colwick Notts
John Blatherwick married Hannah Cook on 26 Feb 1749 at Burton Joyce. John may have been the son of William & Tabitha, but not proven. John c 4 Nov 1726 at Burton Joyce, Hannah c Mar 1726 or 1728 at Arnold, Notts. The couple had 4 children: John c 17 Nov 1750, Samuel c 10 Feb 1754, Dorothy c 18 Apr 1760, James c 20 Mar 1763.

Blatherwicks originating in Devon This information has kindly been provided by Francis John Blatherwick who prefers to be known as John Blatherwick. John is a Canadian who is eminent in medical & naval circles. He has twice been decorated for his services. Has 4 children, so he is helping the Blatherwick surname to spread across Canada!

The family tree begins thus:- John Blatherwick of Exeter, a physician, married Elizabeth (Holmes). [No dates available so far]. John Joseph Blatherwick, son of above, married Agnes (Wilkins). John Joseph was a sea captain who died in 1844 - he drowned in Hong Kong harbour. There were 2 children: Eliza, who married Cedric Pillar or Pellar, and John (see below). John Blatherwick, son of above, 1841 - 1924. Born Luton & married Susan Harford (Silcocks) in 1862 at Hitchin, Hants. Lived Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, but moved to Canada in 1872. Became a Baptist minister in 1884 & from about 1900 ministered on an Indian reservation.
John & Susan had 10 children; the first five being born in England with the other five born in Ontario & Winnipeg:-
John Henry Charles b 1862, Maria Thirza b 1864, Francis Gobden b 1865, Henry b 1867, Eva Agnes b 1870, Charles Harford b 1872, Samuel Sharland b 1873, Joseph Henson b 1875, Susan b 1877, Annie Sarah b 1879. Further information about these children & their descendants is available from John Blatherwick .

To contact John Blatherwick in Canada, please prod your mouse now


Nottinghamshire Local History Societies, click here for details

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Notts Family History Society

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Northamptonshire Family History Society

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These interesting pages were assembled by Keith Morris. For info on Keith, please click here

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